Linux – An all-around operating system

Linux has its shortcomings if you compare it with other operating systems, but still many people use it. But it also has many advantages that appeal to some people. Depending on the type of work you do on the PC, the Linux might be the best operating system for you.

People who play games on their computers will find that Linux is a terrible operating system for that. No sane person would install Linux to play games, but they would install it for other things. Whether you like it or not, Linux does have some crucial advantages over other systems, advantages that attract people who find them useful. Here are some of them, and even you might turn toward this operating system due to some of its antecedences.

Advantages of Linux operating system

People with a very old computer should install Linux, as it works well with outdated hardware. Computers like that can’t work with other systems as they require high-performance hardware. You can run Linux on the computer like Pentium 3, and you won’t have any issues with browsing internet and playing games on it. Games we are talking about are browser games that require little to no hardware.

blacklabYou won’t have to defragment the Linux every once in a while because it doesn’t have a registry like other systems. You won’t have to deal with various malware and viruses that reduce the overall performance of the computer. This is one advantage of the Linux that other systems failed to emulate, even though they tried on several occasions. This comes down to trade, and you can either deal with the ever-slowing system and have various software or not play games and use a bunch of software and have a system that doesn’t slow down.

Linux, unlike others, is free and you can download a copy from the internet. It’s also very easy to install it (even easier than Windows), on several computers if you want. Linux distros are open source, and once you access its source code, you can customize it to your heart’s content.

This operating system is less vulnerable to virus attacks, as they are mostly made for Windows. The majority of viruses attack through Active X, which doesn’t exist in this operating system. Viruses that target this system exist, but the number of those is small, and none of them are widespread as much as some viruses that attack Windows.

Few downsides of Linux

Many useful Windows programs, Microsoft Office, for example, can’t run in Linux. Alternatives do exist, but they are nowhere near the programs we are used to. This presents problems to some people who aren’t willing to adapt to alternative programs just because Linux has some other advantages they might find useful.

linux header

Another major issue with the Linux is the lack of peripheral drivers for printers, and other devices. The fact that some Linux distros fail to booth due to non-compatibility with some hardware is also something that repulses people. Some manufacturers offer good support for Linux, and their drivers cover more equipment as new versions come out.


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