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Implementing an Insurance Marketing Plan

Two Insurance Agents TalkingMany agents hope they have enough leads each week, but few actually implement a weekly insurance marketing plan to acquire the leads they need. This is why only 20% of insurance agents are successful. To build your marketing program, you need at least three marketing programs running simultaneously to become successful. I would recommend a primary marketing program to bring-in most of your leads each week and two out-of-the-box marketing programs to bring in additional leads as the week progresses. If you’re interested in insurance marketing, go to:

Should You Buy Insurance Leads?

Two Insurance Agents TalkingIn almost every case, buying third-party insurance leads will result in disappointment. Even buying insurance leads that cost $100 to $200 a lead are a big waste of your time and money. Expensive insurance leads that are preset only result in a fact-find in only 1 out 10 leads. This means you’ll spend $1,000 to $2,000 for ten insurance leads and only get in front of one person, which you have only a 50% probability (for the average agent) in making to the second appointment. This is a fast way to go broke. You need a program that will produce a lot more leads for your money. For additional information, go to:

The Agent Who Did Not Take Precautions

Two Insurance Agents TalkingI spoke to an agent yesterday, who told me he was fined $3,000 for not disclosing to the client that he would have a tax liability for taking a distribution from an IRA and re-investing the proceeds into a life insurance policy. What can you learn from this case? Always have the client sign an extra disclosure relating to the product and the specific case beyond what the insurance company gives you. You never know what your client will do, thus you need to legally protect yourself, because the insurance company will always side with the client. For additional training on disclosures, go to: and

Insurance Marketing

Two Insurance Agents TalkingMany agents are cynical towards insurance marketing, since they think they know everything about insurance marketing–which is far from the truth! Insurance marketing is constantly changing as time moves on. If you want to increase your commissions, then you need to change your insurance marketing tactics and be everywhere your competition is not. For more information on insurance marketing, go to: