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Insurance Marketing

Two Insurance Agents TalkingMany agents are cynical towards insurance marketing, since they think they know everything about insurance marketing–which is far from the truth! Insurance marketing is constantly changing as time moves on. If you want to increase your commissions, then you need to change your insurance marketing tactics and be everywhere your competition is not. For more information on insurance marketing, go to:

Annuity Marketing

Two Insurance Agents TalkingAnnuity marketing is the key to an agent’s short-term commission dilemma. If an agent is not focusing on annuity marketing, the agent runs the risk of “commission starvation”.

Life insurance should also be sold. However, annuities should be a priority, since you must pay the bills on a month-to-month basis (not every four months). Look at this way, without annuity marketing your spouse will leave you if you cannot produce income on steady basis—no money, no honey!

The key to annuity marketing is not the actual marketing direction, but the underlying solution. The client must see visually the solution to his problems. Please go to:

In addition, you will need to produce annuity marketing concepts that produce enough prospects on weekly basis to create enough appointments to make selling annuities a viable marketing direction. I recommend you go to: