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Should You Buy Insurance Leads?

Two Insurance Agents TalkingIn almost every case, buying third-party insurance leads will result in disappointment. Even buying insurance leads that cost $100 to $200 a lead are a big waste of your time and money. Expensive insurance leads that are preset only result in a fact-find in only 1 out 10 leads. This means you’ll spend $1,000 to $2,000 for ten insurance leads and only get in front of one person, which you have only a 50% probability (for the average agent) in making to the second appointment. This is a fast way to go broke. You need a program that will produce a lot more leads for your money. For additional information, go to:

Insurance Leads

Two Insurance Agents TalkingInsurance leads are a double-edge sword, depending how they were acquired. There are insurance leads that are purchased from a third-party, which have a high-probability of being worthless, and then there insurance leads that you create from scratch that thousands of dollars in commission (month after month).

Now what type of insurance leads would you rather have? I talk to agents every day who buy third-party leads. They spend $100 (or more per lead). They are spend $2,000 a week, and only 1 out 10 leads amount to a fact find. Wow! I did not say a sale, but a fact find! And you only have a 50% to 80% probability of making a sale after you take a fact find.

The key is to reduce your cost for your insurance leads, so the number of appointments you make increase—it’s that simple. In addition, another key issue to address is insurance lead diversification. You want leads coming from multiple directions. To solve this problem, I recommend you go to: