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Implementing an Insurance Marketing Plan

Two Insurance Agents TalkingMany agents hope they have enough leads each week, but few actually implement a weekly insurance marketing plan to acquire the leads they need. This is why only 20% of insurance agents are successful. To build your marketing program, you need at least three marketing programs running simultaneously to become successful. I would recommend a primary marketing program to bring-in most of your leads each week and two out-of-the-box marketing programs to bring in additional leads as the week progresses. If you’re interested in insurance marketing, go to:

Insurance Marketing

Two Insurance Agents TalkingInsurance marketing is often a confusing concept to many agents, since insurance agents often choose the wrong products to pitch to the public. Ask yourself; “How much have I been making the last three months? Have I made enough money to invest in my business or am I just getting by from month-to-month?”
If you’re just barely paying the bills, then you’re not in the right business model in the insurance arena.
Insurance marketing must focus on a business model that will produce large commissionable returns from month-to-month. What is a good return? You should be making at least $20,000 (minimum) per month.
What type of product should you be selling? You should be selling either fixed annuities or fixed annuities and over-funded life.
You need to solve both short-term commissions and long-term commissions. You do not want to work 4 months and find-out the underwriter has shot you down—which is a fast way to commission starvation.
Next you must consider your insurance marketing approach. You want to not only be unique, but you want to be cost effective. Not to mention you want to produce a lot of insurance leads. I recommend you go to: