Annuity Leads

Two Insurance Agents TalkingAnnuity leads are the best leads you can acquire, but they are the most difficult to produce. However, if you know what the public is thirsty for, they can be easy to acquire.

Most agents send-out the same old standard 4 x4 post cards focusing on yield, but this is a big mistake. The key is to focus on “running-out” of money, since the fear of running-out money is more important than greed.

Once you understand this, you will see the number of annuity leads increase dramatically! And if you combine visual “point-of-sale” software to explain an annuity solution, which solves their fear of running-out money—then the prospect will be “putty-in-your-hand”.
I recommend you go to: to solve your problem of the point-of-sale software, and go to: to solve your marketing issues for the actual annuity leads.

Annuity Marketing

Two Insurance Agents TalkingAnnuity marketing is the key to an agent’s short-term commission dilemma. If an agent is not focusing on annuity marketing, the agent runs the risk of “commission starvation”.

Life insurance should also be sold. However, annuities should be a priority, since you must pay the bills on a month-to-month basis (not every four months). Look at this way, without annuity marketing your spouse will leave you if you cannot produce income on steady basis—no money, no honey!

The key to annuity marketing is not the actual marketing direction, but the underlying solution. The client must see visually the solution to his problems. Please go to:

In addition, you will need to produce annuity marketing concepts that produce enough prospects on weekly basis to create enough appointments to make selling annuities a viable marketing direction. I recommend you go to:

Insurance Leads

Two Insurance Agents TalkingInsurance leads are a double-edge sword, depending how they were acquired. There are insurance leads that are purchased from a third-party, which have a high-probability of being worthless, and then there insurance leads that you create from scratch that thousands of dollars in commission (month after month).

Now what type of insurance leads would you rather have? I talk to agents every day who buy third-party leads. They spend $100 (or more per lead). They are spend $2,000 a week, and only 1 out 10 leads amount to a fact find. Wow! I did not say a sale, but a fact find! And you only have a 50% to 80% probability of making a sale after you take a fact find.

The key is to reduce your cost for your insurance leads, so the number of appointments you make increase—it’s that simple. In addition, another key issue to address is insurance lead diversification. You want leads coming from multiple directions. To solve this problem, I recommend you go to:

Insurance Marketing

Two Insurance Agents TalkingInsurance marketing is often a confusing concept to many agents, since insurance agents often choose the wrong products to pitch to the public. Ask yourself; “How much have I been making the last three months? Have I made enough money to invest in my business or am I just getting by from month-to-month?”
If you’re just barely paying the bills, then you’re not in the right business model in the insurance arena.
Insurance marketing must focus on a business model that will produce large commissionable returns from month-to-month. What is a good return? You should be making at least $20,000 (minimum) per month.
What type of product should you be selling? You should be selling either fixed annuities or fixed annuities and over-funded life.
You need to solve both short-term commissions and long-term commissions. You do not want to work 4 months and find-out the underwriter has shot you down—which is a fast way to commission starvation.
Next you must consider your insurance marketing approach. You want to not only be unique, but you want to be cost effective. Not to mention you want to produce a lot of insurance leads. I recommend you go to: